About us


We are a team of engineers with expertise in the certification and environmental fields, constantly engaged in the acquisition, transfer and mediation of knowledge.
We have created and intend to maintain a value structure, by investing in human potential, skills and ideas.


We are a third-party certification body active in Italy and abroad.

Notified Body (NB) n. 2592 on Nando Information System of EU Commission.

Qoncert was founded in 2012 through the initiative of two longtime partners, Cecilia Puppo and Filippo Vitetta, who decided to combine their competencies in the technical and certification sectors to create an organization capable of offering high quality services in Italy and abroad.
Over the years we have expanded our activities into different areas, offering more and more cutting-edge services, especially in the areas of environmental sustainability and circular economy.


Certification cannot be limited to the mere inspection of quality and consistency of product performance requirements, but must also contribute to the development and innovation process of the production organization, improving its environmental profile.
We are firmly dedicated with passion, professionalism and transparency to an environmentally-sustainable approch to production.

Among its core activities, Qoncert offers corporate sustainability services to help companies become more aware of the impacts of their activities by assessing and reporting on atmospheric emissions and the environmental impacts of goods and services.
We also support organizations in their transition to Industry 4.0.

Qoncet participates in the Technical Committee CT057 "Circular Economy" of UNI.

We coordinate Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability table of Confindustria Piacenza.

We are members of Clust-ER Greentech of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

We believe in the conservation of life, property and environment for a safe and sustainable future.

Our strategy is integrating Sustainability into everything we do, implementing in the services we provide today and in our commitment to those we will offer tomorrow.

We take full account of the quality and integrity of our employees and the services we offer to our customers.

Our goal is to create and maintain a valuable structure, investing in human resources, skills and technologies.



We identify the development potential of our Clients through thorough analysis of processes and of explicit and implicit business needs.

We create innovation paths based on the Best Available Technologies and International Reference Standards.

FPC Third Party Product Certification
Certifications of conformity as a Notified Body (NB 2592) by the European Commission
We measure the environmental performance, the carbon footprint of products, services, and organizations
Laboratory tests
We offer a customized testing service to help increase the safety of products on the market and certify their performance.
Innovation and Transition 4.0
By your side towards innovation with the opportunities offered by PNRR and by Innovation & Transition 4.0